Collecting Matchcovers – Match Book Covers

The very first matches have been created by an English chemist called John Walker during the early 1800s. While doing experiments with a flammable liquid several of the combination dropped on the floor and also flared up. From this he found the method of making matches. His matches have been boxed and also put on sale in 1827.

The very first matchbooks were created by Joshua Pusey of Philadelphia in 1889. Probably the earliest know business advertising appeared in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Throughout the very early 1900s colorful match containers and match books have been made containing all kinds of gorgeous art work and also by the 1930s they had been commonly collected. In the 1940s and 1950s smoking was extremely popular and millions and millions of match books have been made & hotels, nightclubs & restaurants created match guides accessible to the clients of theirs. Even today match publications are a favorite type of advertising from these very same retail establishments.

Collectors often eliminate the matches from matchbooks and also show the assortment of theirs of matchcovers in albums. Due to the massive selection of various match book covers readily available to collectors, some would rather specialize by type. Others prefer to gather match publications from the areas they visited. Hotels & restaurants would be the most well-known by far. However collections of night clubs, sports, banks, ships, airlines, railroad lines, bars, world fairs and political are extremely trendy. I like gathering old matchcovers from the home town of mine.

Matchcovers are often categorized by size such as 20 strike matchbooks that have twenty matchsticks per book. Larger thirty along with forty strike matchbooks belong in the billboards. The most used matchbooks are first matchbooks and unusual shapes that’re printed not just on the cover but also on the matchsticks.

Matchcover collecting is cheap hobby and a fun. When you start, make a pattern of picking up one or maybe 2 matchbooks from every single place you visit. As you come to be preoccupied with this interesting hobby you might wish to buy matchbooks at garage sales, antique shops plus flea markets. Among the best places to look for match books both old and new is eBay. At eBay you are able to find one matchbook which may interest you or maybe large lots that could sort through.