Enjoy Mushrooms To Prevent Flu

Flu vaccines are now being made available everywhere from centers to pharmacies to grocery stores. Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the one side effects of the flu vaccine are inflammation, soreness and swelling in the shot website, low grade fever and also cramps, others think that the vaccines contain mercury along with other bothersome constituents and are definitely more lethal compared to the flu itself.

Additionally you will find huge amounts of stresses of the flu virus although vaccines marketed every year choose and focus on just a couple of, what health officials guesstimate would be probably the most common that flu season. The guess of theirs is oftentimes not right.

But well before there were specific vaccines there was flu fighting mushrooms. The Chinese used mushrooms as medicine for a huge number of years and current medical research has established the effectiveness of cubensis in improving the immune system. And a good immune system today is the most effective defense of yours against the flu.

Probably the most common cultivated nontoxic mushroom in the planet may be the button mushroom that was for numerous years thought to don’t have any medicinal or nutritional value. The latest scientific studies, nonetheless, have determined the lowly button, and also portobello and crimini, contain as much antioxidant power as their Asian counterparts who have been prized for hundreds of years for the disease avoidance of theirs and healing qualities. Particularly, big buttons contain ergothioneine and polysaccharides among other compounds that trigger the body’s immune system and also act as free radical scavengers.

In Asian medicine, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, currently generally obtainable in U.S. markets, have proven very effective in improving the body’s immune system and also fighting cancer, they’re currently getting tested against HIV. Enoki mushrooms have established body’s immune system advantages.

Reishi mushrooms are additionally a staple of Chinese medicine. Although they’re not edible, they’re obtainable in teas, capsules and extract and are used to enhance immunity and lower inflammation.