The Lyft Driver Bonus: What It Is and How to Qualify

Driving for Lyft, Uber, or another transportation network company (TNC) can be a great way to earn some extra money. It is often so easy to sign up and get started that even trying such a service out can be a realistic option for many. While a great many TNC drivers prefer to keep things casual, simply signing on when the urge to make some cash strikes, others take the work much more seriously. A Lyft Driver Bonus that rewards the most active and successful drivers of that service can make this an even more rewarding option.

Known officially as the “Power Driver Bonus,” this financial incentive is doled out only to a few. For one thing, a driver must be behind the wheel of a car of recent vintage in order to qualify. Even while Lyft allows some older cars to be put into service in this way, their owners will not be able to compete for the bonus. That is a way of keeping the service accessible to drivers, while still encouraging an experience of the highest quality for Lyft’s customers. While that can seem unfair to a very few drivers, the fact is that most of the service’s truly dedicated participants will already qualify on this account.

Actually winning the bonus takes more than that, of course. Drivers also have to demonstrate their commitment by regularly accepting the rides they are offered. A rate of at least 90% is considered an absolute minimum, and most drivers who aim for the bonus will want to go well beyond that. While it can be tempting to ride the line and stay just above the minimum, that can mean that unexpected circumstances will interfere. Instead, it typically pays to play it safe and accept every ride offer that might make sense.

Beyond that, what it takes to get the bonus is to drive often and keep passengers happy. Occasional and sporadic Lyft drivers will not be in the running, but those who make the service a full-time undertaking will normally have a shot. Focusing on making sure that customers arrive safely at their destinations, on time, and having had pleasant rides will go a long way toward making the bonus possible.